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Welcome to Homecoming!

More than Columbarium

Find a memorial partner for life with Homecoming.

Welcome to our new website! Homecoming is a mission-driven company that's been partnering with churches, institutions, cemeteries, memorial gardens, and other communities for over 40 years now!

We are more than just a columbarium company... and I don't mean we offer memorial walls too... but we do. We want to keep costs as low as possible from the initial installation of a new memorial space all the way through that last final placement and into the next phase!

Whether you're a cemetery looking to add an affordable final placement option without loss of profitability or a church looking to establish a memorial space as a path to endowment, we can help. We love to help.

And our friendly team might not be "branded" but we're all very committed to increasing ethical deathcare options and eager to help communities provide affordable, accessible, and more environmental final placement.

The Homecoming Team!

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Mission-Driven + Cost-Saving

Our company was founded to be an ongoing partner for our clients through our Continuing Service options. Not only does this increase cost-savings, our Continuing Service ensures consistent quality and ease of ongoing care for both our columbarium units, but also our memorial wall systems.

Contact Us Today!

Our team can help you at any stage of your memorialization project. Whether you're an established cemetery looking to expand your final placement options or a non-profit planning a brand new memorial garden, we can offer guideposts to make the process as easy as possible, all while saving you money.

Education is a cornerstone of our company mission so we're always happy to offer resources without any obligation. Whether you ultimately choose to work with Homecoming for your columbaria or memorialization needs, or you decide to work with another supplier, we are here to help.

Schedule a Discovery Meeting today to learn more about memorialization options.

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