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Homecoming Memorial Wall

Design Flexibility

Much like our columbarium units. our memorial wall systems offer flexibility in design without custom-built costs. A number of design options, like the accent frames and granite plaque choices, make it possible for Homecoming to fit any aesthetic. 

Durability + Longevity

Our memorial wall systems are constructed using an aluminium framing system designed to withstand the effects of time better than other options on the market. 

Cohesive Aesthetic

Our memorial walls is designed to provide a complimentary component to our columbaria or as a stand-alone option. Each memorial wall comes with a complete set of blank granite memorial plaques to provide a finished feel from installation to completion. 

Ease of Ongoing Care

Our memorial wall systems are meant to withstand the effects of time and inclement weather. We use an aluminum framing system that will not rust, which can damage memorial plaques, and are then powder-coated to last even longer.

These options not only ensure lasting beauty, but require less upkeep than other memorial wall options available on the market. Additionally, our powder-coated frames can be removed and refreshed for ease of ongoing care, if our clients wish to revamp or alter their accent frames.

A big difference between our approach to memorial walls and that of other providers is the complete visual offered by our system. Because each unit comes with a complete set of blank memorial plaques, our memorial walls look complete upon installation. When a new plaque is added, the blank is removed and replaced so there is never an empty space. With other options, the memorial wall looks incomplete until all the engraved plaques are in place.

Three men observe the St. Michael Wall Plaque memorial wall, which is made of beautiful brown and grey stones.
the wall plaque is black in color and is made of metal. The niches are made of durable eco friendly plastic.

Additional Features

Continuing Service

We offer Continuing Service for our memorial wall systems to ensure our clients have access to affordable, reliable, and timely service for engraved memorial plaques without any obligation. It's just there if clients want it. And, honestly, most folks do use this option because it is more affordable, reliable, and timely than other options out there.

Comprehensive Memorialization

A memorial wall can be a stand-alone feature or an additional complement to your columbarium system. With both options in place, everyone can find memorialization, regardless of the time of death or place of interment. Families with members who might have alternative final placement plans can still receive memorialization in a space shared with their loved ones.

Family Memorials

With our system, family members can reserve multiple plaque spaces grouped together. Most memorial wall designs require in-line placement to prevent spacing issues. Homecoming's memorial wall systems comes "complete" so all available plaque placements can be independently reserved or in groups for family memorial plaques. 

Cohesive and Complete

Rectangular red brick wall with three, black wall plaques with a wood bench facing the wall.
Spotlights on a rectangular red brick wall with three, black wall plaques with a wood bench facing the wall.



Yesterday's Memorial Walls... 

Beautiful grey granite stone, rectangular structure with plaques showing names of those who have passed.
LCC-Nisswa-Memorial Wall.JPG
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