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Continuing Service

The best in service since 1984!

Our Continuing Service option eliminates extra outsourcing to meet your memorialization needs, which can lead to increased costs. With our Completer Package option, Homecoming has simplified the process of ongoing care while keeping costs down for our clients.

And, our unbeatable service time means our clients can help families find final placement for their loved ones in a timely fashion so they can focus on healing in grief.

Completer Package Includes: 

  • Engraved granite facing stone 

  • Polished, sheet bronze urn

  • Engraved urn plate

Continuing Service also available for our memorial walls!

Homecoming Completer Package | Homecoming Memorial Plaque | Bronze Urn | Tempe AZ

Our Completer Package includes the engraved memorial stone, engraved urn plate, and urn. 

Fort-Myers-01 (2).jpg
Homecoming Columbarium Urns | Homecoming Traditional Bronze Urn and Rose Gold Urn | Engraved Urn Plates and Urns


Entirely Optional

We do not require our clients commit to ongoing service with Homecoming. It is an optional service that can be started or stopped at any time without penalty. We believe in the quality of our work and find that our client partners do as well.

Ease of Care

With other providers, clients are often expected to find someone independently who can engrave their granite facing stones, provide their urns, and even for assistance with final placement. 

We bring that all in-house to alleviate the stress of managing a memorial space AND we pair that with the best turnaround time in the industry. 


It's important for families in grief to help find final placement in a timely fashion. These days, families are often left waiting months for engraved markers or plaques, but Homecoming's team completes orders and ships out right away so we can get the engraved products to our clients generally within 3-4 days. 

St James Episcopal Church Memorial Garden | Continuing Service for Columbarium and Memorial Walls
columbarium-03 (3).JPG

Consistent Quality

We hire artists and train them as stone cutters to ensure our team has the visual acuity to deliver the same quality each and every time. Over time, small inconsistencies appear in the depth of the lettering or placement on a memorial. This ensures lasting beauty for your memorial products. 

Additional Savings

Rather than independently sourcing the products and services needed to maintain memorialization, Homecoming offers our clients an affordable alternative to help keep costs of ongoing care as low as possible. Over the life of your memorial, our service options mean continued savings. 

Only Available to Homecoming Clients! 

Our Continuing Service options are only available to Homecoming clients. Over the years, we've been asked to provide service on other columbaria and memorial walls, but alas, we have to refuse. Limiting our service to our clients means we are available to meet their needs first and we know that our easy installation does not incur the risk of damage that we have seen on products from other providers. 



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