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Our Team

At Homecoming, our team of educators and garden planning partners are committed to helping communities and institutions create pathways toward better deathcare options for individuals and families. Our team brings decades of experience and innovative ideas so we can help our clients achieve their goals. 

Our design process is collaborative and transparent, and we work closely with our clients throughout every step of the project to ensure that their vision is realized. Let us help you create a lasting and meaningful tribute to your loved one.

And everyone is super nice and fun to work with here. 

We're here to help!

Homecoming partners with institutions, churches, cemeteries, and more to establish or expand onsite memorialization using our state-of-the-art colubmarium and memorial wall systems, products, and services. 

Our Mission

More Affordable, Accessible, and Environmental.

Homecoming was established as a mission-driven company intent on increasing affordable, accessible, and dignified final placement options while also establishing endowments for the communities and institutions we work with. 

We've held strong to that goal since 1984 and helped place "care" back at the center of "deathcare" by empowering hundreds of communities we've worked to assist individuals with afterife support.

Over decades of doing business with institutions auxiliary to the modern funeral industry, we've also discovered that our products and services can best serve the needs of cemeteries and memorial gardens with our elegant and durable columbaria and memorial wall systems. By providing our clients with affordable options, they can offer their communities they can increase affordability and accessibility without loss of profitability. 

Homecoming Columbarium Installation

Meet Our Team 

Our team is your team when it comes to planning or executing your memorial space. Our Planning Partners have more than 50 years of combined experience!

Our Support Team

We love our team. They're a great bunch. You'll like them too.

Operations + Administration

Behind the curtain, or on the phone, our administrative team handles all the daily ins-and-outs of Homecoming's operations.

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