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I have ash remains in an urn. What steps do I need to take to place them inside a columbarium?

Placing ashes in a columbarium involves several steps to ensure that the process is handled with respect and in accordance with any legal or procedural requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

1. Choose a Columbarium
  • Location: Decide on a suitable columbarium, which could be within a cemetery, church, or another memorial site.

  • Niche: Select an available niche, which is the specific compartment within the columbarium where the urn will be placed. Consider factors like size, location, and cost.

2. Contact the Columbarium

  • Inquire about Policies and Requirements: Each columbarium may have specific rules regarding the type of urn, inscription, and other details. Ensure you understand their policies.

  • Make Arrangements: Contact the management to arrange for the placement of the ashes. This may involve filling out paperwork and possibly making an appointment for the interment.

3. Prepare the Urn and Ashes

  • Urn Suitability: Ensure the urn you have is appropriate for the niche size. If necessary, purchase an urn that meets the columbarium’s specifications.

  • Documentation: Gather necessary documents, such as a copy of the death certificate and any paperwork provided by the funeral home.

4. Schedule the Interment

  • Book a Date and Time: Arrange a date and time for the interment that is convenient for you and the columbarium staff.

  • Ceremony: Decide if you want to have a small ceremony or service at the time of placement. Some columbaria offer these services.

5. Complete the Interment

  • Attend the Interment: On the scheduled date, attend the interment if you wish. Some columbaria allow family members to be present during the placement of the urn.

  • Final Placement: The columbarium staff will typically handle the actual placement of the urn within the niche.

6. Niche Inscription

  • Nameplate or Plaque: Arrange for the engraving or placement of a nameplate or plaque on the niche. This usually includes the deceased’s name, birth and death dates, and possibly a short message or epitaph.

7. Aftercare

  • Payment: Ensure all fees for the niche, inscription, and any other services are settled.

  • Visit and Maintain: Visit the columbarium as you wish and participate in any offered memorial events or services.

Additional Considerations
  • Religious or Cultural Customs: If you have specific religious or cultural customs, discuss these with the columbarium staff to ensure they can be accommodated.

  • Legal Considerations: Ensure compliance with any local regulations regarding the storage and handling of cremated remains.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the ashes are placed in the columbarium with dignity and respect, creating a lasting memorial for your loved one. Schedule a Discovery Call with the Homecoming team to learn more about niches and columbaria.
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