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  • Carly Schorman

Funeral Industry Disruptor

The phrase "Funeral Industry Disruptor" is something that gets thrown around these days in certain circles. Mainly, funeral industry circles because nobody else knows what we're talking about.

But even within this small community of funeral professionals, the phrase is clouded with ambiguity. Does "funeral industry disruptor" mean you are opposed to cemeteries? To in-ground burial? What are you disrupting?

Well, I'm here to help explain before the disruptive elements become the new norm for funeral industry practices.

Basically, a funeral industry disruptor is a company, person, or other entity that introduces innovative technologies, business models, or services that challenge the traditional methods and practices within the funeral and burial sector. Oftentimes, these disruptors hope to revolutionize aspects of the funeral industry by offering alternatives to conventional funeral homes, cremation services, cemeteries, and memorialization practices.

We're breaking the current norms which, unfortunately, are frequently centered around exploiting families and individuals in times of grief in order to yield a higher profit on expensive afterlife care.

Even when a funeral home or cemetery holds to a higher ethical standard, many families find funeral care &/or final placement options unaffordable and, therefore, inaccessible.

As a funeral industry disruptor, Homecoming is trying to change all that by providing more affordable, accessible, and environmental deathcare options.

Using our unique columbarium and memorial wall systems, we partner with communities and cemeteries to create memorial spaces that serve the changing needs of families.

And, we're able to do this without reducing profitability for our clients.

That's because we're based on an ethical business model that places service at the center of our mission. Our innovative approach to product design enables us to hold to this mission.

Homecoming's columbarium option offers increased durability and longevity, maximizes land use, and reduces carbon output while also reducing costs for our clients and, in turn, their clients.

We only use manufacturers based in the United States to reduce our carbon footprint and, unlike most other columbarium providers, our unparalleled Garden Niche requires a smaller granite facing stone to help limit our use of nonrenewable resources.

That's what WE mean when we say we are "Funeral Industry Disruptors".

Better products, lower costs, and unmatched service that places people before profits. We aim to see "care" returned to "deathcare" and hope you want to be a part of that evolution.

Here are some other examples for Funeral Industry Disruptors:

1. Cremation and burial alternatives: Disruptors offering unique alternatives to traditional cremation and burial, such as water cremation (aquamation) or composting human remains.

2. Online funeral planning platforms: These platforms allow individuals to plan and arrange funerals online, providing convenience and transparency in the funeral planning process.

3. Eco-friendly burial options: Businesses promoting environmentally sustainable burial practices such as natural burials, biodegradable caskets, and conservation burials.

4. Virtual memorials and digital legacy services: Platforms that enable people to create online memorials, share memories, and preserve digital legacies of their loved ones.

Overall, funeral industry disruptors aim to modernize and improve various aspects of the funeral process, often by leveraging technology and addressing changing consumer preferences and concerns.

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