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Explaining columbaria and niches to children

Alright, kiddo, let's chat about what is a columbarium and why they're super cool!

So, you know how when someone goes to heaven, sometimes they turn into ashes? Well, instead of putting those ashes underground like with a regular burial, we can keep them in a special place called a columbarium. Think of it like a tiny house but for ashes instead of people!

Four niches made of recycled material, stacked together.
Four niches made of recycled material, stacked together.

Inside a columbarium, there are little spaces called "niches." Think of them like tiny bedrooms for memories. These niches are where we can put special things that remind us of our loved ones, like pictures, letters, or even small items they cherished.

So, why might someone pick a columbarium over getting buried? Well, imagine you want to visit grandma or grandpa, but it's raining outside. If they're in a large columbarium, you can visit them without getting all muddy and wet! Plus, columbariums can be in really pretty gardens, with ponds and water fountains, just like a secret fairy tale place. It's like giving our loved ones a special spot to rest where we can visit them easily.

Now, let's talk about why our columbarium made of recycled plastics is awesome. You know how we recycle cans and bottles to help the Earth? Well, we are able to use recycled plastics to make a niche, it's like giving old plastic a new job! Instead of sitting in a landfill, it gets to be part of something beautiful. Plus using old plastic to make our niches helps keep our planet healthy and happy. It's like giving hugs to both people and the planet at the same time. Cool, right?


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